Sunday, October 15, 2006

Alleged Affair with Queen Guinevere stop Sir Lancelot

There was report of a fight between Sir Galahad and Sir Lancelot over Lancelot's rumoured affair with Queen Guinevere. The fight was allegedly fierce and Sir Galahad surprisingly knocked Lancelot off his horse.

Recently, Lancelot sent a message to Camelot from Castle Corbenic. In the message, he admits being denied entrance to the castle containing the Grail because of his strong love for maidens. Lancelot is known for involvement with women and it is not surprising that his lack of purity of heart and mind had prevented him from entering the Grail castle.

Gawain's Temper Gets in the Way

Sir Gawain is known for being hot-headed and acting impulsively. Normally, this just provides an opportunity for jokes by the other knights and the public. Gawain was the first knight to decide to go on the Quest. But this time his temper has interefered with his ability to successfully complete the Quest.

It has been reported that Sir Gawain and two other knights have been killing many other knights during the Quest for some offense or another. There was report of a situation where Sir Gawain killed his cousin Yvain, King Bagdemagus, and sixteen other knights. An unnamed source said that an old hermit had told him he would not complete the Quest because he lacked the ncessary humility and temperance to be holy enough to achieve the Grail.

Recently, Sir Gawain returned to Camelot and admitted that, while he found the castle containing the Grail, he was denied entrance because he committed to many immoral acts.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sir Kay has Spell Cast on Him

A farmer tending his fields on a fall afternoon found a knight wandering around apparently in a daze. The farmer approached him and asked the knight who he was. The knight only kept repeating the name "Baba Yaga" over and over. The farmer didn't know what to do so he brought the knight to his lord's castle.

The lord, Sir William of Lancashire, recognized Sir Kay immediately since he made frequent visits to Camelot on business. Sir William stated that Baba Yaga was a witch in the vicinity who had a bad reputation for casting spells on people who got lost and unfortunately approached her hut.

Sir Kay was sent back to Camelot where, Merlin, is trying to undo the spell.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sir Bors Passes Several Tests for Grail

Sir Bors, who is known as one of the most honorable knights, recently reported that he had passed tests of his purity of heart and integrity bringing him closer to the Grail. These tests are as follows.
  • He entered combat with a knight named Priadan the Black whom he defeated but was not able to kill.
  • Next day Sir Bors was forced to choose between saving his brother, Lionel, or rescuing a maiden in distress. Being the man he was, he chose the maiden instead of his brother.
  • Two days later he was forced to pass another test. This time he met a beautiful maid